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We know what employees are looking for which is why we focus on growth, attractive salaries and exciting competitions. We also provide and nurture a professional and supportive culture.

Nordic Operation Center was founded with the mission to support companies in the Nordic Region.

Our vision is based on two key components, our staff and our clients

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What do our employees say?

Tobias Vils Hedegaard

What is the most important thing you have learned while working at NOC?

I started working at NOC because I wanted to work abroad and learn learn more about
sales under the best possible conditions. My best tip for coming salesmen is to be open
minded and show the will to learn and perform better every day. It doesn’t matter how much
experience you have. If you have the right mindset you are already a step ahead of the
majority of people.

Luna Cengiz

How would you describe NOC as a working place?

“Nordic is a working place with a lot of different projects, there is possibilities for
anyone to be found. It is a very fun working environment there, everyone does a lot of
activities together both on work but also outside of the work. On NOC you will get friendships
that will last forever and a lot of possibilities to evolve both as a person but also within the

Emma Westerlund

What did you do before starting at NOC?

“I came here with no earlier experience in telemarketing but have a lot of prior
experiences when it comes to different service occupations.”

Linn Andersson

How is NOC as a company when you start as new?

“It is a really fun company where you become a part of the group quickly, but you are still
learning a lot from the beginning and you are building your skills already from day one”