Outbound & inbound Sales

Together with Nordic Operation Center, companies can grow and expand their customer bases. We take responsibility and increase the volume of new customers. We have a large team that works closely together to achieve team goals as well as individual ones. We work on both short-term and long-term goals where we constantly report and show live results from our production.

We focus on innovative selling which means we sell our clients’ products and services in a quality way. The innovative selling we deliver is always about efficiency and high quality volumes and to maintain and improve the client’s reputation and brand. Innovative selling is what we do and stand for, and it has become a philosophy of Nordic Operation Center.

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My name is Isabella Haak. I am 22 years old and have been working here at Nordic Operation Center for 3 years.

What did you do before Joining sales at NOC?

Before Joining NOC I graduated from my gymnasium in Sweden and wanted to work with sales and try to work abroad.

Have you ever worked with sales before?

Before I started at NOC I worked for a short while at another selling company here in spain. I decided to take a job at NOC instead because it seemed more like a place for me. Where I can achieve my personal goals and develop as a salesman.

How would you describe the working environment as a sales agent on NOC?

The working environment is very unique here on NOC because you have the opportunity to develop your professional career and at the same time you always have someone to seek guidance and comfort if you need it. We are a little bit like a family here because so many come here to work abroad. But we still maintain the professional focus, because everyone is here for the same reason. We are working hard to achieve our goals when we are at work and after working hours we can all hang out together so no one feels alone.

What is your favorite thing about working with sales at NOC?

My favorite thing about working with sales at NOC is that i can achieve my personal career goals, develop my sale skills and at the same time work here in spain, so when i leave the office i can go directly to the beach or the padel court and enjoy the spanish weather and the spanish culture.

What does a normal week look like on NOC?

When you work with sales you have a really flexible schedule, so if you are good at working effectively you always have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of Spain and at the same time earn more money than on a normal 9-17 job in sweden.

Who would you recommend to join us working on NOC?

I would recommend sales at NOC to you if you are interested in learning or developing your sales skills and have the right mindset to work hard and effectively to achieve your career goals. You don't need to have been working with sales before but the key to success is your will to learn and get better every day.

3 favorite things you like to do on mallorca?

Discover the spanish culture
Playing padel
Enjoy the sun at the beach