Welcome to our head office in Málaga!

Welcome to Málaga! Our office on the sunny Costa del Sol is located in the center of Soho, next to Málagas beautiful harbor and beaches.

With only a two minute walk you reach the center of Málaga and the main shopping street, Larios. Here you will find stores from famous brands, cute coffee shops, tapas restaurants and so much more.

Málaga is full of wonders to see, places to visit and things to experience. Take a short hike up Mount Gibralfaro to visit the ruins of the beautiful castle, and pass by our magnificent cathedral on your way up. This city harbors an abundance of culture, history, food – not to mention the warm weather year round and the long white beaches where you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Eric Gustafson

Lesster Govea

Tobias Vils Hedegaard
Project leader Sales in Palma

Dennis Ardefelt
Project Leader Customer Service

Isabella Haak
Project Leader B2B

Emma Westerlund
HR Manager

Tomas Nilsson
Site Manager in Malaga

Walid Shawali
Project Leader Sales in Malaga

Marcus Starkensjö
Site Manager in Barcelona

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Alameda Principal, 21
29001 Málaga


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