If you are highly motivated to help people and improve the customer experience and like to be customer service-oriented. You are the perfect match for our customer service department. As a customer service agent at Nordic Operation Center, you play an important role in ensuring that our customers have a positive experience. You will be responsible for answering customer inquiries, resolving issues and maintaining a positive relationship with our customers. You should be a problem solver who is detail-oriented and accurate in your decision making. We are working with personal and team goals and give you all the guidance you need to be the perfect customer service agent.
The main responsibilities is to respond to customer inquiries via phone, email and chat in a timely and professional manner and we always strive to be the best at resolving customer issues and complaints with empathy and understanding.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in our customers’ experience with our company. You will work closely with your team and be a part of achieving goals both individually and in your team.
You get the opportunity to develop your communication skills both in text and over the phone and we give you the chance to take more responsibility to achieve your career goals while climbing our career ladder.

With us you will have:
– Opportunities for personal development and a successful career
– The experience to live in Spain
– The chance to invest in your further communication development.
– Rewarding courses
– Generous and stable salaries with lower taxes than the Nordic region
– Amazing working environments in 3 of the most popular cities in Spain
– Help with finding a place to live
– Experienced and motivated colleagues that can take you to the next level

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How would you describe the working environment as a customer service agent on NOC?

The working environment is the perfect mix of a professional and serious working place where you can develop as a person and take responsibility for your own career. And a familiar place where you always can come if you need guidance and comfort. Everyone here is very close because we come with the same intentions and are working far from home. This makes it a great place for me to have the courage to stretch out a hand if I need help and also help my colleagues with their questions. This was really nice to experience in the beginning when I came here. And at the same time do we have a clear career ladder where you can develop your competence in communication and other important parts of the corporate world.

What does a normal week look like on NOC?

I work from Monday to Friday, from 10-18. Normally in the morning I start slow and take some breakfast on my balcony and at 9 I start preparing for work. And after working hours I like to go to the beach or a restaurant to eat with my friends and colleagues.

Who would you recommend to join us working on NOC?

I would recommend joining us here on NOC if you want to improve your would like to try working abroad and want to work seriously with customer service to develop your communications skills and at the same time make a lot of new friends.

What is your favorite thing about working with customer service at NOC?

My favorite thing about working with CS on Nordic is that I can improve my communication skills and make a difference for my customers. I also appreciate that I have the beach and the Spanish culture right outside our office. So even though I focus 100% on work when I am working, I can also relax and enjoy Spain in my spare time