We know what employees want which is why we offer competitive salaries, attractive and exciting competitions and a professional and incusive culture.

Nordic Operation Center was founded with the mission to help and support companies in the Nordic marketplace.

Our vision is based on two key components, our employees and our clients. 

We have established our offices in some of the most attractive vacation destinations for people from the Nordic region. Spain offers many advantages with regards to recruitment, employee benefits and lifestyle that may be a challenge in the Nordic region. Spain offers us a more cost-effective and flexible environment which enables us to better serve and develop our clients and their customer base. 

Our goal is to be a second home for our emplyees. A place where they know they have our support and experience to not only work in Spain but also to integrate and enjoy the Spanish culture and all that it has to offer. We understand that work is part of the entire life experience and that without personal development the chance of professional development is greatly diminished.

A place where we can achieve our goals AND enjoy life.

Today we work with the Nordics biggest brands in television and mobile telephone providers. We are today the largest reseller within one television company with extremely generous commissions and bonuses. We have among the best salespeople in this industry where we seek those who strive to be the best of the best.

In the mobile telephone sector, we work with one of the industry’s most valued operators, where our main focus is on the well-being of the customer. We train and develop new stars with our unique education and training methods. If you are at the beginning of your journey and want to create a new chapter in your life, this is the place to work.