We build the leaders of tomorrow.
Nordic Operation Center is the perfect place for you if you want to build a career as a leader and improve your leadership skills.

We strive to be an attractive employer for young people who want to start a career.
That’s why we actively work to develop our employees’ skills and give them the tools they need in order to succeed in sales and leadership. As an employee of Nordic Operation Center, you will have the opportunity to advance in a clear and evolving career ladder that follows your personal development.

Nothing in life comes without hard work but as an employee on NOC you will get all the tools needed to improve your everyday life and achieve your career goals. With a mix of experienced leaders and new stars with great career dreams we create the perfect setup for you as an employee to join our journey and achieve both individual as well as team goals.

In addition to development in sales, we also offer development in:
– Personal development
– Leadership
– Administration
– Project management
– Quality
– HR

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